Over night to Xining

Home sweet home for an over night 25 hour train to Xining in the Qinghai Province

Our best meal so far for all of £6 we seem to have been the amusement
of the whole train. All the way trough the night a dire train guard would
come in a shout something at us and then just walk out totally random
and to our fellow Chinese room mates irritation.

As soon as we got of the train and made our way to find the bikes we
found the local Mr T and with in 30 minute  we packed up and ready to
go with our own van and 2 drives for a 10 hour drive

Next stop Golmud from there it's on the bikes

Mike & Chris

Postat av: random

good luck to both of you guys!! I'm sure its gonna be amazing!

2009-10-19 @ 10:15:07
Postat av: millymoo

dude. awesome. keep us posted. lots of love milly, arch and of course wee dude angus xx

2009-10-19 @ 15:10:22
Postat av: jonte

Amazing mate, the trains in China are fuckin sick and where ever you go you feel like a rock star with all the looks! Im glad you're getting the attention you deserve! Can't wait to hear about the cycling x

2009-10-20 @ 16:49:34

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