The Worlds Best Ski Gear!

Season´s over! The 4´th successful winter of Alpine Legends is a fact.
But we couldn´t have managed making it legendary all by ourselves!
Of course our guides are pure top-of-the-line. But we are also depending
on our sponsors and suppliers! So it´s time to take the opportunity to
express a BIG THANKS! to all of you and praise your support of fantastic
skis, boots, gear, clothes and service!

Magic skiing this year as usual on the Rockers, but the Shogun from
SALOMON might have been the favourite among our guides! And next
year Salomon totally takes off with some new revolutionary models.
Also on the ski boots side! Thanks SIMON and all of you supplying us
in the best way!

RICKARD at SUUNTO is a great guy, always happy to help and eager to
see to our needs, keeping us at the right altitude meters above sea level
and to be on the airports on time. Thanks to the excellent wristop
computers from SUUNTO!

Make gloves, not war! Thanks KOMBI and ÖRJAN for keeping our hands dry
and warm! And to his colleague at SPORTMARKET,  THOMAS for the best fitting
uphill/freeride boot from GARMONT this winter!

KASK with HULAN, KAJ & SVERRE; You are the best, keeping us trendy,
young and beautiful, whether skiing hard core or carving light!

JENNIE at MARKER has provided us with the best freeride/rando-bindings
by the noble names of Dukes and Barons! Hats off!

ALPINGARAGET! Thanks for all service and always being
there with care, when we rumble in with our gear to get helped out!

And last but far from least: PEAK PERFORMANCE! May the
sun shine on you, PETER & LINDA and please keep us well
dressed forever! The support, joy and professional clothing
you are providing us with are just amazing! We get so much
cred for our guide clothes and we are so happy to be your friends!

Postat av: Peter

Hej hela gänget!! Tänk vad fort en säsong går....tyckte inte det var länge sedan vi stod i showroomet o provade kläder inför vintern...vilka fina och duktiga ambassadörer för varumärket PeakPerformance ni nu är det över och vi syns redan nu på måndag för att börja planera inför nästa vinter....välkomna!

2010-04-24 @ 14:22:43

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