Tatiana Broman, on the trip of life

Some people don’t like diving. Some people love to dive but hesitate to do
underwater caves. Very few people I know would gladly dive into a waterfilled
black hole in the ground.  Tatiana made that a living for some years working in
Mexico. Having finished Stockholm School of Economics she wanted to leave
the squared businesslife of the city for some adventures. This has been her
calling since. She moved back to Sweden with her babydaughter and somehow
the divorced Mexican father came along as well. A happy separation allows
Tatiana to travel all around the world more than most of us.

She is pro surfer and does not hesitate to try any adventure sport that comes
in her way.  Be it skateboarding in the bowls of cities, downhill biking in Norway
or skiing in Kirgiszistan where her fluent Russian comes handy. Somehow you
get the impression she prefers speed to anything slow. Her daughter is
growing fast and her biggest challenge and ambition is to be the best mother
of all.

To say that Tati is driven is almost an understatement, but she is also a very
caring and curious person. She mingles well at parties and you will definitely
enjoy her company at a dinner table. We are proud to have her as an Alpine
Legends Guide. 


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