Tompa rocks!

Some people think that you should be young and single in order to be an
Alpine Legends ski guide. We think it´s almost better the other way around
and we are proud to say that the average age on our guides is above 40.
Tompa is a living example of that. With the passion for skiing, speaking the
alpine language French, knowing his wine and food, Tompa still loves to take
care of corporate guests in Dahu terrain. He is married and he has also passed
the 40 years margin.

Tompa has spent the last decades by the foot of Mont Blanc in the Alpine
capital Chamonix, running famous bars like Chambe Neuf and Goofys together
with his best friend Kristian Baggerud, also he an Alpine Legends guide. And
even if he now spends more time in Italy and Stockholm he will always keep
the mountains close to his heart. In Italy he fills his sunny days with climbing,
which is his other favorite sport. The time spent on the climbing walls has to be
shared equally with the time in Italian restaurants, since Tompa is also a real
gourmet. Some years ago Tompa started the famous restaurant Stockholms
Matvarufabrik and he has also been involved in the food and bar business on
the Swedish summer island, Gotland.

To show the various capacity of Tompa we also have to mention that in his
previous life among lots of things used to be a hard core Harley Davidson
biker and a bass player in the band of Ulf Lundell. He was also involved in
some internet business back in the days, but looking at his mail skills today
you can tell that it was a long time ago

Postat av: Håkan Thelin

Tompa vi ser fram mot en ny vinter i ditt sällskap!!

2010-08-16 @ 23:32:27

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