The mother of guiding

Lian Green-Brzezinska

When it comes to seeing every guest, Anneli “Lian” Green-Brzezinska has
developed a sixth sense. Being the mother of guiding, in the matter of taking
care of guests, seeing to their best during their trip and showing them something
special in every possible moment, she has created the role model of a caring
ski guide. We actually have a group that books Lian from year to year, and I
am not sure that they will go to the Alps without her.

Duiring the 80´s, Snöresor brought her working around the Alps, then creating
the first specialized tour operator of its kind, Ski Unlimited, together with Peffe,
during the late 80´s and continuing guiding through the 90´s and 00´s, very
few people have the competence close to hers, even if current emloyer Alpine
Legends is full of skilled guides. The will to grow and develop herself and people
around her, the stubborn attitude that everything is possible and her stunning eternal
will of always looking at the bright side of things, characterizes this skiing mother
of 4.Her inspiration for the future will hopefully be filled with long talks about
life with her children and other inspiring personalities on the way. Her own role
models are Astrid Lindgren and Ricardo Semler at Semco, Brasil.

As many of us, Lian has a weak spot and it´s spelled Italy, so naturally
Rifugio Guglielmina in Alagna and the alpine pearl Courmayeur are preferred
stops on the journey, and a long lunch in the sun with great wines always
brings her back here. On her trip of her life, Lian is normally bringing around
her favorite Salomon Geisha skis and a picture of her near and dear.

Luckily it doesn´t seem like this nomad is about changing life style. We will see her
putting on the guide uniform to help us developing AL, building up her current
other business with leadership training and coaching at TUFF and Empowerment Invest.
, and hopefully one day fulfill her other special dream; driving the Monte Carlo rally…

Postat av: A

Ahh, Lian. Still stuck in the snow! We attended a tour guide course for Snöresor together (Verbier, nov 1980). I have som pic's of her from that "event". She worked her irst season on the Italian side, Peffe worked in Les Arcs and always had excuses to go visiting her in Italy. I did my "tour" in St Anton for 2 winters and I still have reasons to go to the Arlberg region every winter (nowadays mostly to lecture students at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg in Dornbirn). Anyway, great to see that Lian still kicks everybody regarding guiding.

2010-07-24 @ 12:01:59
Postat av: Anonym

Thank you/Lian

2010-07-25 @ 21:51:36
Postat av: Arne

PS till Lian, det var förstås Arne Sjöblom som skrev kommentaren signerat "A", DS

2010-07-28 @ 23:00:18

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