Road Trip (Swe/Nor) Part2

Hi again

Time is flying....

I have done some km on the road since I have left Switzerland at the
beginning of May. It has been a lot of fun at different places with different
people!! After I dropped of Anna at the Kiruna airport, I went back up the
mountain to Riksgränsen again.

On the first evening I was back, they opened the lift system on the
mountain at 10pm - 1am for midnight skiing. And it was for free!
("for free" that wouldn't happen in Switzerland)

Midnight skiing at Riksgränsen

The view!

The good thing about the 24 hour light, you don't have to hurry up in
the morning to do some activity! So the day after night skiing I took
it slow and left around lunch time to Abisko Nt. Park for a hike.

Driving into Abisko you have a good view to the Lapporten mountain.

I walked the first part of the Kungsleden trail that starts at Abisko and
ends at Hemavan.

It was a nice day again and great views. Didn't meet any people along
the way, but a few animals were hanging out along the walking path.

The Kungsleden trail.

Driving back from Abisko to Riksgränsen you drive along the
Torneträsk lake, where people still go out on the ice for ice fishing.

 Lake Torneträsk

Before I left Riksgränsen I went for a half day heli skiing in the mountains
just behind the ski system of Riksgränsen.

Now it was time to move on again and cross the boarder into Norway.
Narvik was my next stop, where I med up with Sture.

Sture, Pål-Eirik and two more friends took me out
for one kind of a bike ride in the fiords of Narvik!

Sture with his VW pick up bus on the way to the fiords.

Biking up to the top of one big slick rock. Nothing we know back home.

On top of the mountain looking over the fiords. In the background you
see the first peaks of the Lofoten. (my next stop on this trip).

After a fun ride down the mountain on a single trail from top to the
bottom we stopped for a BBQ down at the beach.

The Lofoten where up next. I went and stayed in Henningsvaer for a
few days.

On Lofoten I had all the weather situation you can get. Sun, wind, rain
and snow! But on a nice day it's a great place for hiking up one of the
countless mountains.

The small fishing village Henningsvaer.

All over Lofoten you see Stockfish hung up out in the air to dry.
(as you can imagine, it smells great).

I was very lucky to have a perfect day on Lofoten to hike up one
mountain between Eggum and Unstad.

I got back down from the mountain just before midnight and this is
the famous midnight sun

One night before Ieaved the Lofoten I was back at Henningsvaer. There
is a place called "Climbing Coffee" where everyone meets. I met some
local staff and fisher men that night and it turned into a fun night!

I will leave the Lofoten by using the Hurtigruten ferry going down south.

By for now


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